Monday, 17 March 2008

Gloom and doom

A wandering bad feeling seems to have settled on our house and I've no idea where it's come from. The husband is snappy, the daughter highly hormonal and the son has started crying about going to school again. As for me I just feel so so tired - my eyes have had overtiredness ticks for about two weeks now - I feel cross and seriously gloomy. Despite my best efforts, nothing seems to be able to lift me or the others out of it.

There seems to be no reason why we are all so suddenly like this. Could it be that I am to blame? Is it because my PhD is not going so well and I'm worrying about starting writing? - or is that just a symptom of my mood? Did one of the others bring the unwelcome feeling into our house and we all caught it, like a virus? Was it the husband with his back problems and work-related gripes? Was it the daughter with an onset of heavy teenage negativity?

Or is it something environmental? Could it be something simple like the lack of sun, after a fabulous February? Have we got some weird virus that just makes us feel plain worn out? Or is there some odd freaky electrical current? Even more paranoid - could it be the wireless router, that's suddenly working now?

Whatever it is, I'd like it to go away. I'm hoping that by writing about it, it might just do that.

(Oh - completely unrelated to the above - does anyone know what happened to Debio from Land of Sand?)


Mean Mom said...

Hi mid-lifer. Sorry you're feeling a bit down. It's a miserable Monday, here, after a gloomy weekend. No sun about at the moment and it definitely lifts your mood. We all thought spring was coming and, now, we are not so sure.

I don't know where these funny depressions suddenly come from. One minute you are bumbling along, with a few little niggles and problems that you can cope with, and, suddenly, the niggles really MATTER and the worries threaten to devour you. You will all feel better. Let's hope for more sun!

KAREN said...

I'm sure it's not Wi-fi, but on the other hand I've just read a worrying article on that very subject - I'm a bit paranoid myself now!

Tina said...

ML, I think it might be the studying, speaking as one who's finished. It kind of consumes your whole life for a bit & when it doesn't go well, it knocks everything out of proportion. You might find the family are actually no worse than usual, it's just that you're seeing it a bit differently.

What I will say is that this too shall pass ML, & the reward at the end of it will far outweigh how you feel now.

You go girl!

(But you might want to ditch the wi-fi, just in case ;-)

Mid-lifer said...

Mean mom - it's nice to have you back.

Funnily enough, the whole feeling lifted yesterday after I'd written that blog, my daughter was happy home from school, husband cheerful and son went to school this morning without crying.


So.. karen - maybe it isn't the wifi (I saw a TERRIBLY worrying documentary on it about people who are indeed seriously affected by microwaves - or whatever they are).

Tina - I hope it's not the studying (haven't actually got to the stage of total absorption yet) but you may be right that it's all a matter of perspective. I'm usually good at seeing the silver lining, this felt almost biological.

Suzy said...

I have 2 friends who are doing their thesis writing (or trying) and one of the intersting things they both mention is that in one way, it's exciting that they have completed enough of their studies to write their thesis, but on the other hand, it also means for them, that life will take on a different direction. Sort of a bittersweet- an ending and a new beginning.

I am sure the writing will kick in an once again and once it starts, you will be on a roll.

All the best.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

It's the planets - none of them are where they are supposed to be. They'll get back where they belong, and things will shift for all of us. Thank. God.

Annieye said...

It's awful when everyone in the house is moping about isn't it. I think you're right that people 'catch' it from each other.

Roll on spring and lighter nights. That always seems to cheer everyone up doesn't it.

Flowerpot said...

Do hope your gloom and doom eases soon - I know that feeling all too well. HOpe Easter cheers things up a bit. And good luck wtih the writing. No idea about Debio - think she's removed herself from cyberspace!

Tom Foolery said...

Hope the gloom has left, open the back door and kick him out TFX

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Seriously catching up and seriously hoping you are feeling better!

Crystal xx

Swearing Mother said...

Re Debio, no, don't know what's happened there, I just noticed she'd gone.

That's a pity.