Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The moment my heart stopped still

Last week I drove my daughter to school. I inched along the narrow road opposite the school, tagging along behind the line of other cars dropping off, held up by the usual groups of teenagers pulsing periodically across the road in front. I hovered momentarily as Chloe stood on the pavement ahead of me, wondering when to cross.

Checking in my mirror, I saw one red car waiting behind and flashing my indicator as if I was about to pull out, I beckoned Chloe across. I watched her trotting over the road and then I saw the black car pull out from behind the red car. In the split second it took, I looked on uselessly, flitting from car to child to car to child and as the two seemed sure to collide, a bestial scream escaped from somewhere deep deep inside. The car stopped. Chloe stopped. A cigarette paper's width between the two. I had done nothing to stop it.

Life could have changed in that instant and it would have been my fault.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

No no no no no it wouldn't have been your fault. The bloody driver in the car should have known to be extra careful around a school. My God, what a tale you told so brilliantly. I had my heart in my mouth for you. Thank God for small miracles.

rosiero said...

No, it wasn't your fault, but can imagine how you felt. The black car should have driven more cautiously. People do not realise their car is as dangerous as a gun.

Anonymous said...

How could it possibly have been your fault? Hearts are meant to stop in situations like these, we wouldn't be human otherwise. Some drivers need to go back to the drawing board and take their test again because they sure as hell drive like pillocks.

Take care and catch this hug.

CJ xx

Flowerpot said...

Life is full of What Ifs but no way should you take the blame for someone else's bad driving. Take care.

Mid-lifer said...

Thanks for the support. True the black car was completely stupid. It actually nearly ran over another child after mine.

What I meant was, I would blame myself for not seeing it and not doing anything to stop it. I could have hooted my horn, opened my door, any number of things. But I simply screamed.

Needless to say if I drive her now, I do all manner of loops and u-turns to get her onto the right side of the road!

beth said...

As much as we Moms try to do for our children, they still live in this unpredicable world where anything can and will happen. If loving and caring for your child is wrong, then you most certain are guilty!