Monday, 24 September 2007


It's been a strange morning.

I was woken by the sound of the wind moaning down our chimneys. In my sleep-befuzzled state, I initially thought it was someone with a very deep voice talking downstairs. The alarm hadn't gone off yet, but I got up anyway.

As I pulled up the blinds downstairs, I saw an unexpected vision outside our window: a perfectly formed frog, looking for all the world like a shiny chocolate, frozen still on our concrete path. My son Max had woken too and we gazed at this miniature marvel for a while.

The wind was picking up and blowing sheets of rain across the garden in heavy gusts: Chloe was going to push me to drive her to school.

And of course I did - soft touch that I am. Traffic was heavier than normal on the school run - I assumed it was because of the rain - and there was the usual mini-flood at the bottom of our street. But as I neared the school it was clear something was really wrong. The traffic had slowed to a standstill and didn't look like it was moving up ahead. I tapped the steering wheel and muttered to Chloe: "What on earth is going on up there?"

I noticed a woman in a car on the opposite side of the road speaking to people in my traffic queue and several cars subsequently doing U-turns in the road. Clearly something had happened up ahead.

"A tree has blown down up there," she said when she got to my car. "The road's closed."

Huffing and puffing a little I struggled to U-turn, only to end up in a queue going back the way I'd come. I swear that the new jam I was in was actually moving slower than the old one.

Having finally reached the roundabout at the end and screeched aggressively in front of a car, I confidently followed road B - an alternative way to Chloe's school, but the traffic was dreadful there too. " A knock-on effect of the tree I expect" I said airily.

But as time ticked on I began to lose my cool; the inertia of the van in front was starting to get to me.

"COME ON!!" I yelled pointlessly. This was serious. Chloe was going to be late and I still had to get home in time to take Max and his friend to their school. "Oh for God's sake!" I exploded as we inched on, "this is like pulling teeth!"

Chloe laughed. "I'm sorry Mum, but your exasperation is really quite funny." I saw her point but didn't feel amused. In my head I thought "Stupid traffic! Bloody ridiculous! MOOOOVE!".

In the end I suggested she walk, it would definitely be quicker. She wasn't convinced and none to happy about it, but she did get out and I'm sure got to school on time. Meanwhile I managed to do another U-turn and got home to find Max agitating about being late.

The boys were excited by the thought of a tree falling down. "Maybe it fell on our school," said Max hopefully. "Cooooool," they both chimed.

We had to go down the same road as before, only this time the traffic jam was moving a bit more and had gone down a little, but just in case I parked the car a little further down the road and walked them in the rest of the way. We were just in time.

Walking back to the car, I looked up the road expecting to see some enormous felled oak blocking the road ...or at least some orange lights flashing. Instead I saw a tiny digger and a red and white barrier on the side. Bumping into a friend who lives up that way, I asked her where the tree was. "No tree," she said cheerfully, "just some temporary traffic lights."

What the..?? why did that woman..?? Oh. I see.


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Dee said...

ah the joys of traffic. Don't get me started. I drive a lot and I get angry a lot because of other drivers. I get up at 6.00am only to avoid traffic on the way to work.
What really gets me going is when they block off one lane of a busy 3 lane road for roadworks, ALL WEEKEND, and there isn't anyone working until Monday. Drives me crazy that.

debio said...

I will not begin to tell you about traffic here! Took me 25 minutes to do a 7 minute school run this afternoon - it's Ramadan, so that explains it.

But will somebody explain why one of my rear tail-lights is broken?


debio said...

You have an award - come on over to walk the red carpet.....

Mid-lifer said...

6.00...crikey Dee!

Debio, thanks - just DON'T remind me of the school run traffic in UAE. I hear you have to pay a toll on Sheik Zayed now. Blimey!

Anyhow, here's an update. Turns out there WAS a tree down and that day, my local area suffered a tornado..that's what they say anyway! (hence the wind..and the frog??)

Crystal Jigsaw said...

We have quite a few fallen trees happen here when it gets gusty. As most of us have tanks we just shove them out of the way!

Bloody annoying doing a school run knowing you won't get the kids in on time. Hope your weekend goes better!

Crystal xx

Dee said...

oooohhh.. an award! Thanks mid-lifer! I'm honoured.

belle said...

Oh wow, thanks mid-lifer! I'm quite overcome ... I'd like to thank my family without whom this award would not have been possible ... what? You mean I don't need to give a speech?? Seriously, thanks very much :o))

beta mum said...

Thank you so much for the award.. I will display it proudly, although I can never figure out how to load pictures onto the sidebar and have to ask my brother to do it.
How awful to have to do two different school runs!

Tina said...

Oh good grief, traffic brings me out in a cold sweat! I get the train to work & I know that one day I'll be the idiot shouting at the driver to hurry up. Were you relieved that a tree had blown down? Like it made everything OK? I would have been - I like excuses...

Omega Mum said...

I know I'm being thick here, but why did she tell you it was a tree when it wasn't?

belle said...

Just tagged you, Mid-lifer ... swing by my blog to see what for :o)

Mid-lifer said...

Omega mum - actually it HAD blown down..the others were wrong. Apparently there was a mini tornado round us - highly localised to a spot just beyond the schools. Bizarre. So she wasn't fibbing after all. It was still a bloomin pain though.

Thanks Belle ...I think..will be along soon.